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Ran by wedding pros, for wedding pros. We can guide you to take your wedding business from a fun side hustle to your main source of income, or streamline your successful business so you can focus on what you do best. Only the best sales & marketing guidance for wedding pros.

How We Help

You don't have to tackle your wedding business alone. Get help from Joey & Matt with your wedding marketing and sales approach.

Simple and effective support to help you book more weddings.

We can mentor you on a 1-1 call, a monthly mentorship or even over a span of 3-6 months. 

Get unstuck now and level up your wedding business. 

Who We Are

Wedding Sales & Marketing Experts

It’s unlikely that you got into the wedding industry due to your passion for sales and marketing.

The reality is that sales and marketing are a major part of any successful wedding business.

Who We Help

Level Up Your Wedding Business

The industry we love is seriously competitive and thriving more than ever, if you don’t operate in the right way, at the right pace, with the right level of efficiency, then you will be left behind. 

Let us at WedHustle guide you to a better business and lower your stress levels. Joey & Matt have over 20 years combined experience in sales, marketing, and the wedding industry. 

Our experience and knowledge can effectively transform your business and assist you in leveling up. 

We have helped:

…and many other wonderful wedding suppliers. Also, our long list of industry contacts will be on hand to help with anything from videography, photography, decor, branding, website design, and pretty much anything you can think of.

What People Say About Us

We tell everybody that we're awesome, but don't just take our word for it. This is what other wedding pros have had to say about our services.

"Matt has a wealth and depth of experience that uniquely put him in a position help me take my wedding business to the next level. He offers tailored and perceptive insight that has allowed me to go from a duo act, up to a 5 piece and I am now set to launch my third band. He knows the business back-to-front, inside out. Can’t recommend highly enough."
George Driscoll
The Goodfellows
"What's really stood out for me, from having you create the roadmap for us, is your keen attention to detail. This is far from a surface examination of the site, but rather a deep dive into the thinking behind the site structure, its content, and its purpose. Far more than I would have expected from this kind of service. It has given us tremendous insight into potential next steps and created whole areas of thought that we have previously glossed over. So thank you again, I would urge anyone with SEO intent to let Joey loose on your site! You won't regret it!!"
James Pearson
Wedding Espresso
"What can I say about Joey, except the guy is an absolute gent who goes out his way to help others. I started my own wedding photography business last year. I'm pretty good with a camera it's fair to say, however Joey is the guru when it comes to SEO and business advice. He's always really helpful, responds really quickly and is most importantly genuine. If something isn't right, he won't sugar coat it, he'll tell you. But at the same time he'll help as much as he can."
Phil Green
Phil Green Photography
"Matt's invaluable advice helped me level up from a solo performer and eventually expand to start an agency. He has a wealth of knowledge and his business advice is second to none."
Johnny Strange
"I was worried my website was costing me gigs. Joey & Matt knew exactly how to optimize the site to ensure we were ranking for keywords, without sacrificing the user-friendliness of the content. In fact, they took the time to listen to the particulars of my own business, and understood exactly what my customers were looking for, being already intimately aware of the market I was in. They were able to get visitors inspired to get in touch and turn into genuine clients. I was very impressed indeed - they know their stuff and were very conscientious."
Greg de Blieck
The Jiggers Ceilidh Band
"Matt and Joey are both great guys and their advice and support has been instrumental in taking our act to the next level. They really know their stuff, and have helped across the board from dealing with agencies and potential clients to creating the ideal promotional material. The wedding industry can be a challenging place, and having a pair of friendly and experienced guides can really make a huge difference!"
Michael Burrows
The Instigators

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Helping fellow wedding pros level up and book more weddings.

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