WedHustle is Matt & Joey. Band members, colleagues and industry experts.

About Us.

Having worked together at one of the countries leading wedding entertainment agencies, looking after sales (Matt) and marketing (Joey), developing adverts, lead generation, follow up systems, and new ideas, we know how to move any wedding business forward to a new level.

We're Wedding Pros, Just Like You.

Working so well together, Joey and Matt decided to form a band and take on the world.  Both the guys had been performing at weddings and events for many years, Matt in various bands and Joey as a solo performer.  They realised that a collective effort could take their music to a new level. Within a matter of months they had a full diary, a plethora of incredible reviews, and a solid wedding business that was not only successful but fun!

We Help You Book More Weddings.

Joey and Matt enjoyed the process so much, they decided to work with other musicians to help improve what they offer, how they operate and essentially get busier. 

This proved fruitful but there was a whole world of wedding suppliers who they could help. 

Realising that the processes and ideas that the guys used aren’t exclusive for bands, Joey and Matt started working with a handful of other suppliers, wedding photographers, celebrants, venues, and agents… thus WedHustle was born.

No BS Approach For Wedding Businesses!

Our Ethos.

At WedHustle we believe in a no-nonsense approach.

Cut through the noise and don’t get caught up in the numbers. We’re here to help you level up your wedding business today.

We love working with those who are passionate about growing their wedding business. We thrive off that energy!

We have a professional and business-minded approach that gets you where you want it to be. 

We can help find why or where you’re losing clients, why you’re getting ghosted or not converting those leads you’ve worked so hard for.

We can help get the most out of every enquiry, convert the bookings faster or achieve a higher fee for your work. 

Perhaps you need help getting enquiries, tackling social media, or dominating SEO. Or maybe you need help with the overall image your brand portrays.  Whatever it is, we can help and coach you to move forward with your dream.

Meet Joey.

SEO expert, marketing guru, and a kickass wedding singer and frontman.

With years of experience using holistic digital marketing methods to help businesses dominate online, as well as running his own successful SEO & marketing consultancy business, Joey knows exactly how to navigate the marketing universe.


Meet Matt.

Sales expert, industry leader, and legendary bass guitarist.

Matt's knowledge of the wedding industry is second to none. 

He has the ability to understand people and behaviours on a deeper level which allows him to be an unstoppable force when it comes to effectively converting leads into bookings.


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