Instagram Hashtags For Wedding Professionals (The Ultimate List)

Instagram Hashtags For Wedding Professionals (The Ultimate List)

Are you a wedding professional looking to expand your reach on Instagram? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will be sharing the ultimate list of hashtags for wedding suppliers to use on their Instagram posts. From wedding planning, photography, and floristry to catering, videography, and more, we have curated a list of relevant and popular hashtags for each wedding business category to help you increase your visibility and attract more clients.

But that’s not all, we will also be sharing some tips and tricks to help you use these hashtags effectively and make the most out of your Instagram presence.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Instagram pro or just getting started, you’re sure to find some of the most popular wedding hashtags and advice for your business here! Before we look at the general wedding hashtags, let’s go over some tips and tricks that will help you to reach more and more brides to be with each passing day.

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Why Are Instagram Hashtags So Useful for Suppliers in the Wedding Industry?

Hashtags are still useful in 2023 and beyond. Not just on Instagram but on other social media platforms as well.

Instagram is still a powerhouse for wedding professionals which is why it makes sense to focus energy on the platform.

They can help increase visibility and attract potential clients. When a user searches for a specific hashtag, all of the recent posts that have used that hashtag will appear in the recent search results. The most popular posts with more engagement will appear in the ‘Top’ section.

By using relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts, you increase the chances of your post appearing in the search results for those specific hashtags, which means other users will see your work when trying to find suppliers and inspiration.

Additionally, using hashtags makes it easy for potential clients to find you. For example, brides searching for wedding photographers may search for the hashtag #weddingphotographercheshire, and your post will appear in the search results if you have used that hashtag.

Furthermore, Instagram hashtags can also help suppliers in the industry to build relationships with other vendors in the industry, as well as to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and styles. By following and using hashtags related to your specific niche, you can connect with other vendors and see the latest work of your peers.

Instagram Bio Ideas For Wedding Businesses

How Should You Use Wedding Hashtags on Instagram?

Using wedding hashtags effectively for your wedding business isn’t as simple as copy and paste a bunch of general tags and hoping for the best.

It makes good sense to have a good strategy when trying to reach your target audience and gain more followers on an Instagram post with wedding hashtags. Here are some tips when it comes to using wedding hashtags.

1. Use Relevant Wedding Hashtags

Use hashtags that are relevant to your business and the wedding industry. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you could use hashtags such as #weddingphotographer, #bridalphotography, and #weddinginspiration. Throwing a bunch of funny wedding hashtags or cute wedding hashtags in there for good measure might seem like a good idea, but you need to keep it relevant to your business and your content.

2. Use Location-Based Hashtags

Use wedding hashtags that include your location, such as #weddingphotographerNYC or #weddingplannerLA. This will help you reach couples in your area who are planning their big day.

3. Use Brand Hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for your business and use it consistently across all of your social media accounts. Using your own hashtag will make it easy for couples to find your business on social media and for you to track engagement with your brand.

4. Use Trending Hashtags

Research and use trending hashtags that are relevant to your business. These hashtags will help you reach a wider audience and gain more visibility.

5. Use A Mix Of Popular And Niche Hashtags

Focusing only on these popular hashtags can also lead to more competition and make it harder for your posts to stand out. More niche wedding hashtags have fewer followers and thus less competition. By using a combination of popular and more niche wedding hashtags, you can reach a wider audience while also standing out in the search results for specific niches.

6. Use The Right Amount Of Wedding Hashtags

It is best practice to use around 5-15 hashtags per post. It is better to use fewer relevant hashtags than to use too many hashtags that are not relevant to your post.

Additionally, you will want to make sure you’re paying attention to the quality of your posts and your social media presence as a whole. Things like making sure your wedding business Instagram bio is set up to convert, and ensuring your aesthetic is on point can help your account perform well.

Wedding Photography Hashtags

Here are some examples of hashtags that a wedding photography Instagram account could use on their posts. For best results, use a handful of these mixed with location hashtags and niche wedding hashtags that are descriptive of the actual content.

#weddingphotographer #bridalphotography #weddingphotos #weddinginspiration #weddingmoments #justmarried #bridalportrait #weddingday #weddingdetails #weddingmemories #weddinginspo #weddingphotosession #weddinginspiration #weddingphotographyideas #weddingphotographerlife #weddingpics #weddingphotooftheday #weddingpictureperfect #weddingphotographersofinstagram #weddingphoto

Wedding Venue Hashtags

Here are some general wedding hashtags that venues could use on social media platforms. Location and niche hashtags are important to include here, as well as providing wedding inspiration.

#weddingvenue #weddingreception #weddinglocation #weddingdestination #eventvenue #eventlocation #weddinginspiration #weddingplanning #weddingdecor #weddingstyle #weddingbackdrop #weddingday #weddingideas #weddinginspo #weddinglocationideas #weddingvenueinspiration #weddingvenuelove #weddingvenueoftheday #weddingvenuefind #weddingvenuespotlight

Wedding Musician & Band Hashtags

As a wedding musician or live wedding band, there is lots of opportunity on Instagram and other social platforms to show off what you can. Use these hashtags on your photo and video content posted online.

#weddingmusic #weddingband #weddingentertainment #weddingmusicians #weddingdj #weddinglivemusic #weddingplaylist #weddingceremonymusic #weddingreceptionmusic #weddingperformance #weddingmusicideas #weddingmusicinspo #weddingbandspotlight #weddingmusicianlife #weddingmusicinspiration #weddingplaylistideas #weddingmusicplanner #weddingmusicideas #weddingmusicbooking

Wedding DJ Hashtags

When posting photos for your wedding DJ business, be sure to use more specific hashtags alongside these general ones.

#weddingdj #weddingentertainment #weddingmusic #weddingdjlife #weddingplaylist #weddingreception #weddingparty #weddingdjlove #weddingdjs #weddingdjset #weddingdjideas #weddingdjinspo #weddingdjspotlight #weddingdjinspiration #weddingdjplanner #weddingdjbooking #weddingdjtips #weddingdjservice #weddingdjlifestyle #weddingdjideas

Wedding Singer Hashtags

These are some of the best wedding hashtags that singers can use on similar posts. Look at competitors and other brands for more tag ideas.

#weddingsinger #livemusic #weddingentertainment #soloartist #weddingmusicians #singing #weddingceremony #weddingperformance #bridalmusic #weddingvibes #evententertainment #weddinginspiration #weddingideas #acousticmusic #weddingceremonymusic #weddingreceptionmusic #weddingperformance

Wedding Florist Hashtags

Wedding florists in particular should absolutely be including hashtags to do with wedding style, flower color and so much more. Again, include a location hashtag or two for relevance in your posts!

#weddingflorist #weddingflowers #bridalbouquet #weddingcenterpieces #weddingflowerarrangements #weddingflowerinspiration #weddingfloraldesign #weddingflowerideas #weddingfloristlife #weddingflowerstyling #weddingfloraldecor #weddingfloristsofinstagram #weddingflowerinspo #weddingfloraldesigner #weddingflowerplanner #weddingflowerbooking #weddingflowertips #weddingfloralservice #weddingfloristlifestyle #weddingflowerideas

Wedding Videography Hashtags

When posting your wedding video on Instagram, remember to tag the wedding venue and of course the bride and groom in your content. This will increase the chances your posts will get shared and become popular!

#weddingvideographer #weddingvideo #weddingfilm #bridalvideo #weddingcinematography #weddingvideography #weddingvideographerlife #weddingvideostory #weddingvideomoments #weddingvideotips #weddingvideographersofinstagram #weddingvideograhyinspiration #weddingvideographerplanner #weddingvideographerbooking #weddingvideographertips #weddingvideographerservice #weddingvideographerlifestyle #weddingvideographerideas #weddingvideographerinspiration

Wedding Planner Hashtags

Wedding planning businesses can really benefit from a solid hashtag and Instagram strategy. There are loads of wedding planners using Instagram, so in order to stand out it’s best to use specific niche tags alongside these.

#weddingplanner #weddingplanning #weddingcoordinator #eventplanner #weddingideas #weddinginspiration #weddingplannerlife #weddingplanningtips #weddingplannersofinstagram #weddingdesigner #weddingplanningideas #weddingplannerinspo #weddingplannerbooking #weddingplannertips #weddingplannerservice #weddingplannerlifestyle #weddingplannerideas #weddingplannerinspiration #weddingplannerpro

Wedding Celebrant Hashtags

Use these tags as inspiration for your wedding celebrant social media posts.

#weddingcelebrant #weddingceremony #weddingofficiant #weddingvows #weddingrituals #weddingceremonyideas #weddingceremonyinspiration #weddingcelebrantlife #weddingceremonytips #weddingcelebrantsofinstagram #weddingceremonyplanner #weddingceremonyinspo #weddingcelebrantbooking #weddingcelebranttips #weddingcelebrantservice #weddingcelebrantlifestyle #weddingcelebrantideas #weddingcelebrantinspiration #weddingcelebrantpro

Wedding Food & Caterer Hashtags

If you’re using hashtags on Instagram to grow, make sure your content looks amazing too. Caterers have a great opportunity to post amazing photos of their food at weddings to grab attention online.

#weddingcatering #weddingfood #weddingreception #weddingdinner #weddingcateringideas #weddingcateringinspiration #weddingcateringlife #weddingcateringtips #weddingcateringsofinstagram #weddingcateringplanner #weddingcateringinspo #weddingcateringbooking #weddingcateringtips #weddingcateringservice #weddingcateringlifestyle #weddingcateringideas #weddingcateringinspiration #weddingcateringpro #weddingmenu

Wedding Decor Hashtags

So many brides and grooms are looking for wedding decor inspiration for their big day. This is a great chance to get in front of them with the right image.

#weddingdecor #weddingdesign #weddingstyling #weddinginspiration #weddingdecoration #weddingdecorideas #weddingdecorinspiration #weddingdecorlife #weddingdecortips #weddingdecorsofinstagram #weddingdecorplanner #weddingdecorinspo #weddingdecorbooking #weddingdecortips #weddingdecorservice #weddingdecorlifestyle #weddingdecorideas #weddingdecorinspiration #weddingdecorpro

Wedding Makeup Artist Hashtags

Try out these best hashtags on your wedding makeup page when posting content.

#weddingmakeup #bridalmakeup #weddingbeauty #weddingmakeupartist #weddingmakeupideas #weddingmakeupinspiration #weddingmakeuplife #weddingmakeuptips #weddingmakeupartistsofinstagram #weddingmakeupplanner #weddingmakeupinspo #weddingmakeupbooking #weddingmakeuptips #weddingmakeupservice #weddingmakeuplifestyle #weddingmakeupartistideas #weddingmakeupartistinspiration #weddingmakeupartistpro #bridalbeauty

Wedding Hair Stylist Hashtags

Posting content about weddings hair and styling? See if these general wedding hair hashtags can help you reach more people.

#weddinghair #bridalhair #weddinghairstyles #weddinghairartist #weddinghairideas #weddinghairinspiration #weddinghairlife #weddinghairtips #weddinghairartistsofinstagram #weddinghairplanner #weddinghairinspo #weddinghairbooking #weddinghairtips #weddinghairservice #weddinghairlifestyle #weddinghairartistideas #weddinghairartistinspiration #weddinghairartistpro #bridalhairstyle

Wedding Photo Booth Hashtags

Photo booth companies can try out these hashtags on Instagram for wider reach.

#weddingphotobooth #weddingfun #weddingentertainment #weddingphotos #weddingphotoboothideas #weddingphotoboothinspiration #weddingphotoboothlife #weddingphotoboothtips #weddingphotoboothsofinstagram #weddingphotoboothplanner #weddingphotoboothinspo #weddingphotoboothbooking #weddingphotoboothtips #weddingphotoboothservice #weddingphotoboothlifestyle #weddingphotoboothideas #weddingphotoboothinspiration #weddingphotoboothpro #weddingphotofun

Wedding Dress Hashtags

Instagram is the perfect place for any bride to search for dress ideas. Try out these tags for reach and engagement.

#weddingdress #bridalgown #weddingfashion #weddingdressdesigner #weddingdressideas #weddingdressinspiration #weddingdresslife #weddingdresstips #weddingdressdesignersofinstagram #weddingdressplanner #weddingdressinspo #weddingdressbooking #weddingdresstips #weddingdressservice #weddingdresslifestyle #weddingdressdesignerideas #weddingdressdesignerinspiration #weddingdressdesignerpro #bridalstyle

Wedding Bar & Drink Hashtags

Run a wedding bar or drinks supplier? Copy and paste these tags into your posts.

#weddingbar #weddingdrinks #weddingcocktails #weddingbeverages #weddingbarideas #weddingbarinspiration #weddingbarlife #weddingbartips #weddingbarsofinstagram #weddingbarplanner #weddingbarinspo #weddingbarbooking #weddingbartips #weddingbarservice #weddingbarlifestyle #weddingbarideas #weddingbarinspiration #weddingbarpro #weddingdrinkideas

Wedding Cake Hashtags

If you’re publishing yummy pictures of your amazing cakes, be sure to use trending tags alongside them to reach your audience.

#weddingcake #bridalcake #weddingdesserts #weddingcakedesigner #weddingcakeideas #weddingcakeinspiration #weddingcakelife #weddingcaketips #weddingcakedesignersofinstagram #weddingcakeplanner #weddingcakeinspo #weddingcakebooking #weddingcaketips #weddingcakeservice #weddingcakelifestyle #weddingcakedesignerideas #weddingcakedesignerinspiration #weddingcakedesignerpro #bridalcakeinspiration

Wedding Stationery Hashtags

Show off your style with niche tags alongside popular ones for stationery.

#weddingstationery #bridalstationery #weddinginvitations #weddingcards #weddingstationerydesigner #weddingstationeryideas #weddingstationeryinspiration #weddingstationerylife #weddingstationerytips #weddingstationerydesignersofinstagram #weddingstationeryplanner #weddingstationeryinspo #weddingstationerybooking #weddingstationerytips #weddingstationeryservice #weddingstationerylifestyle #weddingstationerydesignerideas #weddingstationerydesignerinspiration #weddingstationerydesignerpro

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How To Get On Preferred Vendor Lists At Wedding Venues

How To Get On Preferred Vendor Lists At Wedding Venues

Do You Need To Be On A Preferred Vendors List?

First up, ask yourself whether you even need to be on a wedding venue supplier list.

  • What relationships do you have already?

  • How busy are you?

  • Will you benefit from being a preferred supplier at a wedding venue?

It may be that you don’t need it, but then you probably didn’t come across this page if that’s the case.

If you want to build relationships with particular venues, wedding planners, or wedding coordinators, then you may need to do a bit of work as it doesn’t happen overnight.

A wedding venue decorated for a party, with fairy lights and the tables set for dinner.

Have You Done Your Wedding Venue Research?

First up, what venues do you want to be involved with? What venues seem to have the ideal clients, and which venues are the best fit and fit your brand?

It’s a long process, but it’s definitely worth doing the research first as you’ll find that you lose hope if you’re just making contact with the wrong places.

A good way to get the ball rolling and find out what preferred list you want to be on is to speak to fellow professionals in the wedding industry.

Speaking to fellow wedding professionals will give you valuable insights into whether it’s even worth being on a venue’s preferred list. Then of course, you can find out who to speak to, be it the venue manager, venue coordinator, or catering manager – and it literally could be any of these!

Another really easy way to narrow down what venue to contact is to look at your existing client inquiries and bookings.

This is a surefire way of knowing that the kind of clients who book that venue will also like your style. It’s also a great opening line when it comes to speaking to the venue and hopefully will result in more weddings at the venue.

Being on a preferred vendor list can help wedding vendors secure more bookings in a few ways.

Why Do You Need To Be On These Preferred Lists?

1. Increased Visibility

Being on a preferred vendor list means that the venue will recommend the vendor to its clients. This can increase your visibility and lead to more inquiries and bookings.

2. Client Trust

Being on a preferred vendor list demonstrates to potential clients that the vendor has a good working relationship with the venue and is trusted by the venue staff.

3. Reduced Competition

Being on a preferred vendor list can limit the number of outside vendors that the venue will recommend to its clients, which can reduce competition for bookings.

4. Repeat Business

Once a vendor is on a preferred vendor list, they are likely to be recommended for future events at the same venue, which could lead to repeat business.

wedding venue

Top Ways A Wedding Supplier Can Get On Preferred Vendor Lists At Wedding Venues

1. Networking

Attend industry events, such as bridal shows, wedding fairs, and networking events, to meet venue managers and other vendors. This can strengthen your relationship and allow you to meet these people face-to-face.

2. Referrals

Ask satisfied clients to refer you to venue managers and other vendors. If you’ve absolutely smashed a wedding at a venue that you’d love to work at again, ask your couples to mention this when they inevitably review the venue.

3. Marketing

Create a professional website and social media presence, and use targeted marketing to reach potential clients and venues.

Your promotional material and online presence will go a long toward whether a venue will accept you onto their list. Think about it. If your website doesn’t look great and you aren’t using professional promotional material, will the venue be confident in recommending you?

4. Quality Of Service

Provide excellent service and high-quality products to clients to build a positive reputation in the industry. Your actual level of service cannot be ignored when trying to get on vendor lists. Venues want to recommend the best suppliers in their area, so be the best!

5. Offering Package Deals

Offering package deals to venues that include multiple services can also help increase your chances of getting on a preferred vendor list.

6. Building a Relationship

Building a relationship with the venue and its staff can help you to understand the venue better and also helps them understand you better which can increase your chances of being on their preferred vendor list. Go out of your way on a wedding day to make these connections.

That's All Great, But How Do I Actually Get On The List?

It can take time, so don’t ever get beaten up if you feel that you’ve made too many phone calls and still not got the coveted spot. The very nature of preferred lists means that it’s not an easy-access directory.

If you’ve worked at a venue, met the event coordinator, venue manager, or even the venue owner, and all went well, then use those connections to hustle your way on. It’s always worth asking the question on the day of the event, but admittedly this isn’t always possible.

So follow up afterward to say thank you and ask what’s involved. Those personal relationships will help get you through the first stage. It may be that they add you to the list there and then, or maybe they’ll invite you to an open house or direct you to another person. This is all good, they’re keen and you should follow the instructions politely and promptly.

If you’re due to work at a venue, then maybe use the opportunity to make contact to discuss things, and start building personal relationships with the planner. This may speed up the process but it is unlikely that they’ll put you on the list before you’ve worked there. They want to know that you’ll make a dream team before they make you one of their approved vendors.

Should I Pay To Be On A Preferred Vendor List?

That’s right! Some venues will ask you to pay a fee or commission to be on their supplier list. Personally, we would never do this, however, there are some situations where you may feel it’s a benefit to pay to be one of the venue’s preferred suppliers.

This may be down to the venue being super exclusive and that fitting with your brand. Or it may be that the venue is amazing to work at and you want to get more work there. Ultimately, this will always be your decision and will depend on so many factors, so think about it carefully and maybe speak to other suppliers who are on that list.

Don't Expect It To Happen Instantly

You may see other suppliers on numerous lists and think that you need to be on just as many. But don’t get beaten up trying to find out how to get on preferred supplier lists at wedding venues, it’s not the be-all and end-all.

You will build those relationships and you will get put on those lists if you offer a good service. Just ensure that you keep all of this in mind at every step of the way. Be friendly and polite to all members of staff at every event. Have good promo, be efficient, and keep doing what you do.

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Best Instagram Bio Ideas For Wedding Businesses (Examples & Tips)

Best Instagram Bio Ideas For Wedding Businesses (Examples & Tips)

Instagram is still a powerhouse of a social media platform for any wedding industry professional.

Whether you’re a wedding planner, a wedding photographer, a venue, a makeup artist, or any other wedding pro, having a great Instagram bio is crucial if you are looking to take your social media strategy seriously.

Your Instagram bio is the first impression of your brand to potential clients and is home to key information about your wedding business.

Before we look at some examples and ideas that wedding professionals like you can use as inspiration for your own bio, let’s take a look at some of the more important elements of a good Instagram bio.

  • Clarity in exactly who you are/what you do

  • Your brand voice/personality

  • Your location

  • A strong call to action

  • A link to drive action

  • Relevant keywords

Your Instagram bio should aim to accomplish a number of different things. And it definitely shouldn’t be an afterthought when filling out your profile.

Wedding pros are often missing out on potential clients, conversions, followers, and more with a poorly written bio on their Instagram profile.

To best explain this, we’ve gathered a few Instagram bios from various wedding professionals in the industry to give you some ideas.

1. The Hustle

We thought it would make sense to begin with an Instagram bio of our own. If you didn’t already know, we are wedding pros too with our band, The Hustle.

Our Instagram bio is designed to focus on a couple of things in particular.

Mostly clarity and conversions.

wedding band instagram

In 3 lines we clearly state what we do, the locations we cover, and exactly what a potential client should do if they wish to book for their wedding.

This clarity is important so people know they are in the right place.

We also know that having a strong call to action that drives conversions with a custom link to direct people to the right place is how you can get the most out of your Instagram bio.

2. Stephanie Butt Photography

We’ve worked with talented photographer Steph on a wedding before and one look at her Instagram bio gives you a real insight into who she is and what she stands for.

The colour schemes and emoji choices are consistent with her couple persona and is a great example of how to inject bags of personality into your Instagram bio!

wedding photography instagram bio

Her chosen 3 words to sum up her photography are ‘creative, fun, relaxed’. This is perfect for potential clients to get taste of what their special day will be like with Steph.

Notice the emphasis also that Steph puts on her own interests and quirks. This helps anyone on the search for their wedding photographer feel like they are already friends with Steph the moment they arrive on her profile!

Another thing to note is her custom URL. She’s very cleverly created an Instagram-specific URL on her own website so the whole experience is seamless.

3. SJM Beauty

When creating an Instagram bio for your wedding business, it’s up to you what part of your branding or business you choose to lean into.

One of our favourite things about this example is the emphasis on rewards and accolades.

make up artist instagram bio

Announcing that they are ‘West Midlands Make-Up Artist of the Year 2022’ is amazing proofing and confidence building, as well as the profile picture including the reward!

If you are looking to stand out in the wedding industry and on Instagram, definitely consider shouting about any awards that you have won.

4. Emma Jordan Wedding Planner

For a wedding planner or anyone providing wedding planning services, couples will absolutely be searching for their wedding inspiration and dream event planner on Instagram.

Getting your bio right like Emma has done here is extremely important.

wedding planner instagram bio

She clearly outlines which couples she is targeting so they’ll know instantly if they are in or out of their comfort zone.

Again, the social proofing of mentioning that she is a recommended supplier of Rock My Wedding is a super touch. This helps any potential followers feel comfortable that this is a trusted supplier that can help them create a special wedding day in their own style.

5. Pocket & Posy

One of the bigger mistakes that wedding suppliers make in their Instagram bios is trying to market to every type of couple.

Pocket & Posy’s Instagram profile is a great example of clarity in your message and audience.

wedding florist instagram bio

The first line in her Instagram bio follows the invulnerable formula of:

  • What

  • Who

  • Where

It’s clear and impossible to confuse what she does, exactly who it’s for, and what area she is based in. If you’re unsure of where to start with your own wedding supplier Instagram bio, you can’t go wrong following this formula.

6. Lex Fleming Photo

You’ll have noticed a trend with the use of emojis in Instagram bios.

It’s important to use these (and use them correctly) as a way of standing out and making your profile more visually appealing.

instagram bio tips for wedding pros

Lex has done a brilliant job here with both her use of words and emojis!

Branding yourself as a self-described ‘Profesh party crasher’ is a brilliant way of getting across your personality in a short amount of words.

We also think it’s great fun how she details her personality and favourite things as a list of emojis instead of a clunky sentence! This an awesome idea for wedding pros to use.

7. Nunsmere Hall

When it comes to wedding venues on Instagram, there are a number of ways to include important details and relevant keywords in your Instagram bio.

A strong call to action is important as any wedding planner, photographer, band, florist and wedding community will be consistently tagging you in their content, allowing for awesome visibility.

wedding venue instagram bio

Nunsmere hall does a couple of things well here.

Firstly, having a custom bio link that is mobile-friendly for anyone using the app is imperative to actually drive conversions from Instagram.

Linktree and Beacons are great ‘link in bio’, tools that you can use, but there are many to choose from.

Also, including a custom Instagram hashtag for wedding professionals and encouraging followers to use it is a brilliant way of getting your audience to influence your growth!

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How To Name Your Wedding Business (Ideas & Things To Consider)

How To Name Your Wedding Business (Ideas & Things To Consider)

Deciding on the perfect wedding business name is difficult.

The thing we as wedding industry professionals have to consider is the online landscape, and how our potential wedding company names may perform because of this.

The internet has changed the game when it comes to wedding business name ideas.

Before we get into the finer details, it is crucial that you understand this.

Your ideal couples and clients have to be able to find your business easily online. If your wedding business name prevents this in any way, you should consider an alternative.

Whether you’re a wedding planning business, a wedding venue, an event planning business, a wedding photographer, or any other wedding company, there are some things you should look out for before you finalize your wedding business name.

What Makes A Good Wedding Business Name in 2022?

When coming up with wedding business name ideas, they should satisfy the following criteria at least:

  • Easy to spell

  • Easy to find online

  • Not already in use

  • Easy to pronounce

  • Has domain availability (preferably .com)

  • Has social media name availability

We’ll get into style and branding later but, notice how these criteria are about thinking longer term than just having a catchy business name for your wedding company?

Future proof your wedding business’s online presence and marketing by choosing a wedding company name that people can find easily online.

Here are some extra tips on coming up with that perfect name for your wedding business.

1. Don’t Use a Wedding Business Name Generator

I’m sure you could find some isolated examples of when these wedding business name generator sites have struck gold but more often than not, it’s a wasted exercise.

You can go round in circles forever relying on the random nature of AI to do your hard work for you.

And let’s be honest, it’s not that satisfying as a creative wedding professional to have found a business name you’re supposed to be proud of by pressing a button on a name generator website.

There are more strategic ways of coming up with wedding business names that work.

wedding planning business

2. What Is Your Brand Voice?

Before brainstorming potential wedding business name ideas or loading up the dreaded wedding business name generator, you need to work on your overall brand goals before you decide on a brand name.

  • What sets you apart from others?

  • What visuals will you use? (colour palette, fonts, logos)

  • What types of weddings or couples are your ideal clients? (luxury, DIY, outdoors, alternative…)

Whether you’re a wedding planner or a wedding venue, understanding this side of your business is essential if you’re going to pick the perfect wedding business name.

For example, working in luxury-style weddings will inform the types of words, phrases, and visual elements across your whole company.

This is also where you can start looking at competitors and the typical name structure for your niche.

Here are some suggestions and more things to consider when coming up with wedding company names.

3. What Type Of Wedding Business Are You?

As mentioned above, different kinds of suppliers have different naming conventions.

For wedding photographers, it’s more common to have your own name followed by ‘photography’, rather than a company name.

This makes sense for suppliers where the couple is booking a singular person. As a wedding photographer, you are your own brand.

Of course, you could have a specific brand name such as ‘Picture Perfect’, but it makes it more difficult for the couple to connect on an emotional and personal level this way. If you are a team of photographers though, naming your business this way may make sense.

If your name is Natalie Overwood and is available, don’t overthink it. Just grab the domain and run with it!

For a wedding planner business, it can depend on a number of things.

Popular naming conventions for wedding planners include:

  • ‘Your Name’

  • Weddings By ‘Your Name’

  • ‘Your Name’ Weddings

  • ‘Your Name’ Events

  • The ‘Location’ Wedding Planner

  • ‘Brand Name’

Each of these wedding planner name ideas has its pros and cons.

The ‘Location’ Wedding Planner may have SEO benefits as the domain name could have a good chance of ranking for local searches.

However, our vote goes to Weddings By ‘Your Name’ or ‘Your Name’ Weddings.

This way, you are still including ‘weddings’ in your domain and social handles (good for SEO), whilst retaining that personal touch with your own name.

When it comes to wedding decor companies and wedding venues, you are more likely to see branded style names, which require a little more thought.

For wedding decor companies, you will often see words like ‘weddings’, ‘events’, ‘occassions’, ‘hire’, and more attached to the end of something branded.

For wedding venues, you will often see the type of wedding venue ‘barn’, ‘castle’, ‘hall’, ‘hotel’, and more attached to the end of something branded (or the location).

When coming up with the brand side of things, this is where you can consult your brand voice ideas. A rustic wedding barn/farm venue may go for something like:

  • Oakwood Barns

  • The Pepper Farm

  • Harvest Barns

Whereas a luxury manor or palace wedding venue may choose names like:

  • The Grand Manor

  • Magnolia Palace

  • Sapphire Manor

As always, perform competitive research and understand the naming process for your niche.

wedding photos

4. Make A List Of Words That Fit Your Brand

This is where you can make a list of words and adjectives that fit your wedding brand.

Note down as many as possible.

For example, when naming WedHustle, we knew we wanted something that demonstrates the idea of working hard. Doing what it takes to succeed. Cutting through the noise. So our list was full of words that fit in with brand identity.

Now start combining your list of words and seeing what combinations you can come up with.

Then add your qualifier if appropriate (weddings, events, etc) to come up with your wedding business name.

We’ll do this exercise now. Let’s pretend we’re a luxury wedding decor hire business.

Here is our brain dump of words that fit that brand.

  • Luxe

  • Crescent

  • Sapphire

  • Serenity

  • Infinity

  • Aurora

  • Enchanted

Start mashing some of these together and trying them out with qualifier wedding words. Let’s can see what we can come up with for a wedding business name on the spot…

  • Luxe Wedding Hire

  • Sapphire Weddings

  • Crescent Events

  • Enchanted Weddings

  • Luxe Serenity Events

  • Infinity Sapphire Weddings

The list goes on.

Can you see how we are now creating unique wedding business names that are also brand and internet-friendly?

Try it out for yourself!

wedding venue

5. See If Your Name Is Already Taken

Do not skip this stage!

Before settling on a wedding business name, creating social media accounts, and announcing to the world, “We are Joyous Day Weddings!”, please see if it’s taken first.

It’s simple really. If another wedding business is active and using this name, move on. You cannot use it, so consult your list again.

What are you supposed to do if your chosen wedding business name isn’t conflicting with another wedding business, but an actual thing out there in the world?

If it’s simply a ‘thing’, you want to check – is your wedding business going to get lost in the noise of the internet?

You might think ‘Oasis’ is the perfect name for your luxury wedding planning business. But without the qualifer of ‘weddings’ or ‘events’ after this, you’re going to be going up against the actual band Oasis, or even the popular soft drink!

This is another reason why including ‘weddings’ or similar in your name can help you futureproof your branding.

6. Make It Easy To Spell and Pronounce

Some wedding businesses really shoot themselves in the foot with this one.

Think ahead to the times when you’re at weddings and you are trying to promote your business by telling people who you are.

Your quirky and original name might have seemed fun at the time, but if you have to overexplain it to every person you talk to, you might have a problem.

You don’t have to be so cryptic and overly clever. At the end of the day, the best wedding business names are the ones that are simple and effective.

Yes, you might want to use weird symbols, spellings, and other things, but if it hurts any potential of someone being able to simply hear your wedding business name and find you online instantly, don’t do it.

7. Secure The .com Domain Name

So you want a domain that people can remember, is easy to type and can help you get found on search engines.

One of the biggest SEO mistakes wedding professionals make is with their domain names.

They are sometimes too long, have special characters and simply aren’t SEO friendly.

Another thing to consider is whether you should have .com or not.

As a wedding professional, you should try to secure the ‘.com’ domain name for your wedding business rather than alternatives such as .net, .org, .biz, and more.

There are many reasons for this but think about the trust factor. From the very first impression, couples tend to associate .com with more trustworthy and established businesses.

Wedding Business Names

As you’ve likely gathered, one of the most important elements in all of this is future-proofing your online presence with your chosen wedding business name.

Whatever role you take in the wedding industry, marketing yourself online is going to be a crucial part of gaining wedding leads and growing your wedding business.

For a wedding company, SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways of generating organic leads, and naming your wedding business badly can cost you in the long run.

Get it right the first time!

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How Much Should You Charge As A Wedding Photographer?

How Much Should You Charge As A Wedding Photographer?

The dreaded “how much should I charge?” question often pops up for many wedding suppliers and wedding photographers.

Knowing what to charge as a wedding photographer is tough.

Too high and you may find it hard to get work.

Too low and you’ll hardly be earning minimum wage. You may also be seen as a cheap wedding photographer so your cost actually damages the number of bookings you could potentially take.

In fact, low pricing commonly holds wedding businesses back from thriving as they should.

Setting Your Prices As A New Wedding Photographer

If you’re a new wedding photographer and are wondering what a professional wedding photographer will cost, then it’s easy to find out.

Just Google wedding photography pricing or wedding photography costs in your area and see what comes up.

This will give you an idea of where to start.

However, it’s not that easy, and not all professional wedding photographers will list their price range on their website.

What does a typical wedding photographer cost?

Typically, most photographers will charge around £150 per hour for a typical wedding day. But obviously, it’s not that simple.

Photographing weddings isn’t just about spending a couple of hours taking photos.

Most wedding photographers offer a pre-wedding consultation, an engagement shoot, shooting for 6-7 hours on the actual wedding day plus a second photographer for the day.

Then there’s the arduous task of editing images after the wedding day itself.

On average for every hour of actual photography, there are 2-3 hours of editing the wedding photos to get the best quality images for the photo album. On top of all of that, there’s professional equipment, travel expenses, insurance, and general business costs.

So it’s easy to see why there’s quite a price range for a photographer in the UK.

how much to charge for wedding photography

Consider the options as a new wedding photographer

So there are lots of things to consider when you weigh up what you charge for wedding photography.

If you’re a new wedding photographer then you want to be competitive in order to get booked up, but you also need to make sure it’s worth your while.

By having a good quality website, a competitive price, and some good wedding photography packages available, and following our guidance and advice, you’ll get a few decent bookings in the diary quickly.

It also helps if you’re able to have conversations with wedding clients and discuss their wedding budget. That way, if you need to adjust your costs a bit then you can.

What If You're A More Experienced Photographer?

What if you’re a more experienced photographer who is looking to increase your price?

You’ve been charging what the average wedding photographer charges for some time, but feel that your work and knowledge puts you among the experienced photographers in the wedding industry.

What should you charge? The answer is “whatever the hell you like” right?

The reality is that a bride and groom will often want the best wedding photographer and will be prepared to pay above the average price for their wedding and engagement photos.

After all, a wedding photographer’s price is based on how good they are.

However, you can’t just increase your wedding photography prices without something to show for it.

You need to show that you’re the perfect wedding photographer and you are above the average cost because you’re the best quality, the best to work with, the most professional, and the photographer that every bride and groom wants!

wedding photography pricing

Level up your wedding photography marketing

This is where your social media presence, website performance, and overall marketing strategy come in handy.

People need to be able to see what you do at weddings, how an engagement session goes, how many hours you work, and at how many weddings, you obviously need the best online gallery so people can see that you’re one of, if not the, best professional wedding photographer!

It’s not just about making your Instagram look like an online gallery of your best photo shoots.

You need to be offering more.

You’re going to be with the bride and groom on their wedding day. They want to know that you’re not only the perfect wedding photographer but also a decent person to have around them all day.

This blog is about what to charge for wedding photography, not what to do, so if you want more advice on how to improve your marketing, please check out our free guide.

How To Decide On What To Charge For Wedding Photography

So how do you go about making a decision on what you charge as a wedding photographer?

The first step is to look at the wedding photography prices of other photographers in your area and what those other wedding photographers offer.

So for example, what is the average cost for most photographers in your area?

Wedding photography prices will vary, but you’ll know what style and level you offer, so look at similar wedding photographers.

The next stage is to weigh up whether you want to go in under the typical UK wedding photography prices in order to get the bookings in, gather reviews, and get yourself known.

Or, to go with the same price but perhaps offer better wedding photography packages, or simply show that you’re awesome!

Part-time side hustle or full-time professional wedding photographer?

Make a decision whether you’re wanting to be a full-time wedding photographer or whether you want to do this as a well-paid hobby.

This will help make a decision on your cost.

It’s always hard to make the step from a normal day job to doing wedding photos full time, but like any business, do it right and it will work.

Think about how much you need to earn a year for things to be viable, then work out how many weddings you need to shoot and at what cost.

Bearing in mind how many hours are involved to shoot weddings, not only on the day but in advance and editing the photos. Can you add any extras such as a photo booth, engagement shoot, wedding album, etc?

If you can aim to pick up a wedding date every week, then based on an average cost of £1500-2000 it proves to be a very well-paid profession.

Of course, you need to know what a wedding photographer spends on the day-to-day running of the business. More importantly, you need to get those dates filled so need to make sure you market yourself.

wedding photos

Sales and marketing are a big part of any wedding photography business

Of course, you aren’t wishing to be a wedding photographer because you’re good at sales and marketing! So what do you do?

There are so many ways to market yourself, but it’s a minefield and you need to be really good to get results quickly.

There are people who can help with this, in particular, we at WedHustle work with many photographers to help them focus their social media, website, ironing out SEO mistakes, sales flow, and more, so they can concentrate on being a professional wedding photographer and we deal with the creative marketing side of stuff!

There are other ways you can top up your income too. Is there a local wedding venue you can work with?

Could you work with another wedding photographer as a second photographer? Is there more you can offer on a client’s wedding day?

Perhaps a basic photo booth, or a way to entice the client for a better wedding photography package that you offer.

Ultimately maximizing your income for each booking you have will help in the long run.

Helping fellow wedding pros level up and book more weddings.

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13 SEO Mistakes Wedding Pros Keep Making

13 SEO Mistakes Wedding Pros Keep Making

Improving visibility for your wedding business online can be done by utilizing search engine optimization.

This is where you aim to rank your wedding business on a search engine (such as Google) so that you can be found by couples searching for your services!

For wedding professionals, having a solid SEO strategy is one of the best ways to get found online.

Every single day, engaged couples are using a search engine to find their dream wedding photographer, wedding planner, and other wedding vendors.

Not showing up here means that you are potentially missing out on a huge number of new leads, whilst your competitors are snatching them up.

For wedding professionals who are actively working on their SEO, there’s a lot to think about on top of already running your wedding business!

Here are some of the mistakes wedding pros make with their SEO and how you can avoid them.

1. Thinking That A Plugin Will Fix Your SEO Alone

Wedding businesses are always telling us they don’t need help with their SEO because they have a plugin that does it for them.

Yoast, Rank Math, and more.

These and other SEO plugins can help you optimize your website for SEO. 

However, they are not an SEO expert or a replacement for a winning SEO strategy.

It’s a real problem and a lack of education in the wedding industry causes pros to feel like they are improving their SEO because they turned the light from red to orange and then green on their WordPress SEO plugin.

That green light means nothing. When we’re helping wedding pros they say, “I turned the light green so how come I’m not getting traffic?”.

These are just plugins, and tools that can allow you to affect things on your website.

It’s also part of a bigger problem in SEO with arbitrary site health scores, and percentages out of 100% that don’t tell you the full picture.

The problem with these metrics and graphs is that they scare wedding business owners who don’t fully understand SEO into thinking they have glaring problems.

And then you, the wedding professional, waste your time fixing things that didn’t need fixing in the first place!

Whilst these plugins, health scores, and traffic light systems might be a nice benchmark indicator and feel like you’re making progress with your SEO, it’s actually somewhat misleading if you don’t know what, why or how you’re optimizing.

If you really want to take your SEO seriously, get some help from experts.

Having a green light does not guarantee rankings. Be careful over-optimizing.

2. You Don’t Know What Keywords You Want To Rank For

Keyword research is the bedrock of any successful SEO campaign.

For wedding pros trying to improve their search results, it all begins with discovering what keywords you want to rank your website for.

Choosing the wrong keywords can set you up for failure before you’ve even started marketing your site on Google.

For most wedding professionals, your keyword research involves figuring out phrases with enough people searching for them to justify the effort in ranking for them.

More often than not, your primary keyword for your wedding business should follow one of these two formats:

[service] in [location] or [location] [service]. For example:

‘Wedding photographer in Manchester’


‘Manchester wedding photographer’

This is your money keyword. The phrase that your ideal clients will be searching for online. The one you want to rank for!

3. Not Using Google Search Console or Google Analytics

There are loads of paid SEO tools and things wedding pros can do to get more data.

However, if you’re not using these free digital marketing tools from Google to begin with, you’re missing out.

For SEO in particular, Google Search Console is a must-have.

It’s a free service from Google that will help you monitor your website’s appearance in search results.

You can see technical errors, what backlinks you have, how much traffic you are getting from search results, and even what keywords your potential clients are using to find your site.

You should also hook yourself up to Google Analytics for a deeper dive. This will allow you to analyze the behavior of your website users, allowing you to make smart changes.

4. Ignoring Search Intent

Understanding the search intent behind your target keyword or phrase is crucial when it comes to SEO. 

Let’s say someone Google’s the word ‘wedding cake’.

Do they want a Wikipedia article on what a wedding cake is? Wedding cake recipes? Pictures of wedding cakes? Articles about wedding cakes? It’s pretty unclear what the user is asking Google for.

However, let’s say someone Googles ‘wedding cake makers near me’. From this, you can glean that there is purchase intent behind that keyword.

They want to hire or enquire about a local cake maker for a wedding, and the results will reflect that.

Before you dive head first into optimizing your page or website around a certain keyword, figure out exactly what the search intent is first.

This might even help you decide on what keywords you want to go after (which really is the bedrock to a successful SEO strategy).

If you are a local cake maker, you might see the search volume for the word cake (over 200,000 in the UK) and think, I want a piece of THAT cake.

But it’s the wrong place to focus and not appropriate for your business.

Trying to rank for those local searches instead will actually benefit you as a wedding vendor.

The quickest and easiest way to discover the search intent behind a keyword if you’re not sure is to perform a search.

What is Google trying to show? This gives you a good indication of what users are looking for. You can use these results to inform your own content so you can better match.

For example, perform a Google search for ‘how to be more productive working from home’. The top 5 results are ALL list-based articles with between 10-30 tips to help you. 

Not only does this show the user intent, but it also informs the style of content in which the user most enjoys consuming here.

If you were going after the same keyword, you can assume that organising your content into a listicle would give you a better chance of ranking for that phrase.

5. Not Getting Links Back To Your Site

One of the things Google and other search engines look for is how much they can trust your website.

The more trustworthy they deem you to be, the more likely they are to rank you above your wedding competitors.

Backlinks somewhat serve the purpose of a ‘recommendation’ or ‘upvote’ towards this trustworthiness.

A backlink is when another website links to yours.

A website without any backlinks is going to be difficult to rank.

Having backlinks from other wedding sites is a signal to Google that another site in the industry finds your content valuable enough to link to it within their own content.

This can increase the power of your wedding business website, making you more capable of ranking for those tough keywords.

6. Keyword Stuffing 

It’s pretty old news that keyword stuffing is bad, yet wedding professionals STILL do it.

It used to be the case back in the day that you could shove your main keyword on your pages 100’s of times and just rank, but these days that will get you penalized by a search engine. 

For search engine optimization, you just have to be careful and write naturally. It helps to use related or LSI keywords instead of stuffing your main one in as a way of adding context but again, don’t go overboard.

LSI means latent semantic indexing. Basically, using the words in and around the content plus other signals they can infer what context the page is about.

For example, if you are writing an article on ‘best running shoes’, it’s not a good idea to shove the phrase ‘best running shoes’ in every paragraph.

Related words like ‘nike’ ‘adidas’ ‘trainers’ ‘footwear’ ‘surface’ ‘comfort’ ‘durable’ ‘lightweight’ ‘grip’ can help a search engine understand what the page is about.

7. Not Blogging

If you want to skyrocket your SEO performance in the wedding industry, the blog post is key.

Creating optimized blog post titles and amazing content can make your site explode on Google and other search engines.

Not only does it help you rank but creating helpful content for your target audience can actually drive more traffic and more clients into your inbox, allowing you to convert that website traffic into an actual wedding booking.

It takes a consistent effort to create fresh content that’s relevant, but it’s so worth it.

Too many wedding pros make the mistake of not focusing on blog posts as a strategy and they are missing out.

8. Keyword Cannibalisation

If you haven’t heard this phrase before it can sound a bit grim.

This is basically when you target the same keyword with multiple pages. 

The reason is simple: when you have multiple pages ranking for the same keyword, you’re actually competing with yourself.

Consequently, each page has a lower click-through rate, diminished authority, and lower conversion rates than one consolidated page will have.

We’ve had instances before when helping out wedding professionals where they have an insane amount of blogs, all about the exact same thing with almost the exact same title and content.

In an attempt to get more visibility on search engines, they would have multiple instances of the same piece, not realising it’s having little to no positive effect.

In many cases, it’s a good idea to take all these pieces that are basically clones of each other and create 1, really strong and in-depth cornerstone piece on the subject instead.

If you are going to this, redirect the old pages and URLs to the new super piece instead of deleting them. 

You may also have service pages competing with each other. A wedding photographer may have 3 or 4 pages all targeting the same primary keyword which is actually hurting them.

9. Focusing On Amount Of Links Over Quality Of Links

We’ve already explained how backlinks work and why they can be useful for wedding planners, wedding photographers, or any wedding business trying to improve their search rankings.

Not all links are equal though.

When it comes to your website, don’t try to go after quantity in link building. Focus on building highly relevant links from authority sites that are topical to the content on your website.

You can really quickly land your site in hot water if you are highly focused on just building any and every link. 

Of all the things to approach with caution when it comes to SEO, link building is one you don’t really want to mess with unless you know what you’re doing. The biggest mistake wedding pros can make with their SEO is getting loads of bad/toxic links. It’s difficult to come back from.

Remember, Google pays attention to the sites you are associated with, and sites associated with those sites. If you’re swimming in a really dirty swamp pool with loads of other RATS, Google is going to think you are a rat too! 

However, if you are linked from other blogs to do with weddings, wedding planners or anything else in the wedding universe, Google is going to start associating you with those websites and the industry as a whole.

10. Forgetting About Internal Linking

Internal linking is fundamental for helping search engines find content on your wedding site.

They’re also great for users when used correctly. 

It’s about power distribution.

Make it part of your process to look for and map out internal linking opportunities ahead of time whenever you add a new piece of content you want to rank to a site.

You can be quite smart with this stuff and find powerful pages on your site. Pages like your home page, popular blogs or landing pages that have powerful backlinks pointed to them.

Sending internal links from these powerful pages to other pages you want to rank can move the needle.

For example, if we were trying to rank our blog post about getting ghosted for phrases such as ‘how to stop couples ghosting you‘, it makes sense to link to it as we have done here.

Again, don’t go crazy and use it when and where it makes sense to for the user. Another common mistake wedding pros make with their search engine optimization is going overboard with internal linking.

11. Your Site Isn't Mobile Friendly

Mobile device use has skyrocketed over recent years.

In fact, it’s now the primary usage method for online visits. It’s no surprise really.

We’re all carrying around smartphones (you might be reading this on one now), and your couples are no different.

If your website isn’t optimized for a friendly mobile experience, it’s going to hurt your chances of ranking properly on Google.

In fact, Google now uses the mobile version of your site to determine how well to rank it!

Again, using Google Search Console can help you here. It will flag up any potential issues on mobile.

You should also be looking on your own device to see if everything is performing how it should.

12. Not Optimizing Your Images Properly

Most wedding professionals that know a bit about SEO are aware that the words you put on the page can affect how that page ranks and what for.

What about the images on that page though?

Optimizing your images for keywords can help your rankings too.

You can even make it part of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

For Google to know what your image is actually portraying, you need to tell it.

This is why it’s worth amending the image names, alt text and the description for your images so you can tell Google what the images on your site actually are.

The wedding industry is an extremely visual field and you will no doubt have a plethora of images on your site that you can amend straight away with alt tags and a new file name.

Whilst we’re talking about images, it might be a good time to talk about image sizes.

We get it. Wedding photographers in particular want their images to look incredible on their website. But using high res photos can actually slow your website down and negatively impact your search engine rankings.

If your website is slow to load, Google will prioritize faster websites over yours in the search rankings.

13. Using ‘Near Me’ Instead Of The Actual Location

We can’t believe this still happens, but it does.

Let’s look at the keyword phrase ‘wedding cake maker near me’. Wedding pros often make the mistake of optimizing their title tags, content, and headers with this exact keyword – but this isn’t what to do.

What you need to do is replace ‘near me’ with your actual location!

When people search ‘service – near me’, search engines are smart enough to know the user’s location and deliver results on map packs and search results from that area. 

To rank for “near me” searches on Google, you need to create a Google Business Profile for your wedding business.

This means you can start working towards ranking for your specific location on map packs and more.

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How To Stop Getting Ghosted by Wedding Enquiries

How To Stop Getting Ghosted by Wedding Enquiries

Are you getting lots of enquiries but finding that more than half aren’t coming back to your quotes.  Are you sick of getting ghosted?

It’s normal to have some wedding enquiries not respond to quotes.  The reality is that couples planning weddings are busy, they’re making lots of enquiries and they can’t respond to everyone.  However, a few simple changes to your quote template will result in a higher response rate.

We all want to have a conversation with a potential client, via email, message or phone, so we need them to respond in order for this to happen.  If you’re finding that you’re being ghosted more than not, then you need to make some changes.

Why Aren't Potential Clients Responding??

There’s a few genuine reasons why people may not respond, don’t take it personally..

Over Budget

It could be a simple case of you being WAY over budget for the client.  This doesn’t mean you’re too expensive, it is simply down to the fact that they had no idea what a service like yours normally costs.

If they were expecting you to take photographs all day for less than £200 then it’s unlikely that any conversation would convert them

Their First Choice is Available

There’s every chance they booked someone else.

Don’t be offended, but think about why you weren’t their first choice?  Again, a conversation would be nice to discover this, but if you’re consistently losing out to other suppliers, why is this?

However, all is not lost.  Following these few simple tips will increase the response rate you get and hopefully allow you to sell yourself, or the very least have more conversations and find out why you’re not getting booked.

3 Surefire Tips to Stop the Ghosting!

1. Be Friendly and Personal

Let your personality shine when you respond to an enquiry.

From the moment you respond, you need to make sure that you’re friendly, approachable and seem like the kind of person that the enquirer wants at their wedding.  Don’t forget that they’re not only booking your service, but also for you to work with them for the most important day of their life.  First impressions count, and if they don’t like you from the get go then they are unlikely to go any further.

Be friendly congratulating them, showing off your personality and not just getting straight to business.  There’s no reason why your quote can’t have a line that states why you’re more than just a photographer/band/caterer/celebrant/magician….whatever it may be.

2. Make Them Imagine Their Day With You

This is one of my favourite methods to ensure that you get a client asking questions and talking about their day with you.  Paint a picture and get them excited!

Be descriptive about every aspect of the day, not just the key moments, every little detail.  Explain how discreet you’ll be when setting up, or how you’ll get great shots at moments people don’t expect.  What makes you different to the norm.

Don’t forget that many wedding enquirers haven’t done this before, they have no idea about various aspects of the day and if you call those moments out and how you’ll make it special, they’ll be interested to know more.

Make the hairs on the back of their neck stand up! Describe your most exciting moments and really get into the detail about why it’s such a special part of the day.  If you’re getting them excited but other suppliers aren’t, they’re more likely to respond to you.

3. Ask Questions

When planning a wedding, couples are really excited.  They want to talk about their day more than anything.  So let them talk to you!

The chances are they’ve got loads to tell you, if you invite them too.  Ask questions that will create a response, this will encourage them to reply to you just to have a chat.  This in turn gives you more chance to show your personality off.

However, it gets even better.  If you have questions that will create further conversation, you’re almost guaranteed to get into an exchange of messages or emails with the client and this is a massive way to build up trust.

* BONUS TIP - The Pot of Trust*

This is really simple but really effective.  The reason we ask questions and build up conversation is to fill the pot of trust.

You want your client to come to you with anything, and they’ll do that if they trust you.  If they trust you they’ll book you over anyone else.

Each time you message your potential client, and they respond, you fill the pot of trust just a little bit more.  Keep doing this until its full and they’re more likely to book you..Simple!

Want to Learn More?

This topic is great fun and we love talking about it.

Go and visit our Facebook Community to watch our stream all about this subject.

While you’re there, feel free to ask anything and we’ll get back with actual tips on how to convert more enquiries and take your wedding business to the next level.

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How To SMASH Your First Wedding Booking

How To SMASH Your First Wedding Booking

You’re about to work at your first wedding, either your first wedding ever or more than likely your first wedding where it’s your business.

Nerves are running high, but you’ve got this!

Of course, we don’t want you to just do your job and get through the day, we want you to absolutely SMASH the gig, make the most out of it and get more bookings from it.

Follow these tips to well and truly own the booking and before you know it, you’ll find it second nature to simply be the best at each and every wedding.

1. Be Confident & Don't Doubt Yourself


You know what you’re doing, and you’ve been booked based on how good you are.

Go out there and own it.

Don’t second guess or doubt yourself, go with your instincts and do what you do best.  You’re the professional here.

2. Put On Your Game Face And Be Sociable

Put on your game face.

Whenever I turn up to a gig with Joey, the first thing we say to each other when we get out of the van is “Game faces on”.

That little pep talk is like a switch, it’s time to do this!

Bring your game face to every gig, smile, be friendly, make it so that other suppliers, clients, and guests are happy you’re here and know you’re a pro.

3. Nothing Is Too Much Trouble

Nothing is too much trouble. 

There’s going to be some weddings where everything is laid out for you, you’re given refreshments, a room to use, a decent space, ample time to set up, etc.

However, there will be some gigs where you have to load everything in via a third-floor window, in 15 minutes, without making a sound (ok, maybe that’s a bit much but you get the drift). 

Take the rough with the smooth and be easy to work with. 

If you don’t get your ideal working conditions, don’t complain about it.

Deal with it and keep everyone happy. Don’t take it personally if the venue staff hasn’t brought you a drink, or the client forgot to tell them there’s a drinks tab.

There’s a lot going on, you’re not the most important person today, just roll with it and do what you’re there to do.

Wedding venues in particular will notice this attitude and in turn, will be more likely to add you onto a preferred wedding vendors list.

4. Dont Sweat The Small Stuff, No One Will Notice

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s easy to overthink some details and worry too much about little things. A musician will be annoyed if they hit a wrong chord, or sing a wrong lyric, or a florist may be annoyed if one bouquet isn’t perfect.

Remember that the couple and guests are on cloud 9, they’re not going to notice the little things, they’ll notice the good stuff, so don’t worry!

5. Go Above And Beyond

If you’re a performer and they want a longer set, give it to them. 

Need to stay an extra 30 minutes? Do it.

I absolutely hate it when I encounter suppliers who’re clock watching as they need to get away “I’ve got another gig tomorrow so need to get some sleep”.

Staying an extra 30 minutes or playing an extra few songs will mean the world to the client and in the grand scheme isn’t that big a deal.

But it is a big deal if you say no or shoot off because you’re only booked till 8.

You can do the best job all day long, but leave on a sour note, and that’s what will be remembered.

6. Network, Network, Network!

The reality is that you’ll encounter most other wedding pros at weddings, so be sure to use any downtime to meet others.

Speak to the photographer, caterers, band, venue, etc.

Swap details, explain how happy you are to be working with them, follow them on socials.

Then follow it up afterwards. 

We always add venues and photographers on socials and thank them afterward.

It means we get referrals and we get some pro photos of us playing. 

If you can pick up one booking from a referral from one gig, you’ll be fully booked in no time.

7. Ask For Feedback Straight Away

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback asap.

Wedding suppliers are often nervous about asking for a review, don’t be!

It can be helpful to prepare the clients on the night.

We always make a point of saying thank you and good night to the bride and groom, they always say “thanks guys, you were awesome!” to which we always follow “Awh thanks, you guys made it so good for us, would you mind giving us a little review to help us get more bookings?”.

I’ve never had a client say no at this point!

Then follow up the next day saying thank you and provide a link to go and give you a review. 

This is the prime time to do it and doesn’t seem desperate, they’re expecting it.

It’s also worth chasing this up if you don’t get a review, the number of times we’ve chased a week or so later and got an apology followed by a raving review! Get into the habit of this as these reviews will make or break your business.

8. You're The Professional

Your knowledge goes a long way and your advice can make a difference.

If something needs changing or adapting, don’t be afraid to say something to make the wedding day that little bit better.

For example, if the venue hasn’t turned the lights out for the evening band, suggest they do.

Or if you’re being positioned in a bad place, politely explain where you think you should be and why.

Doing this politely and with a good reason will not make you seem like you’re fussing, it will make you look like a pro.

9. Be Prepared For EVERYTHING!

One final tip, be prepared for EVERYTHING.

To give a good example of what I mean here, as a musician, I have all the obvious things in my bag (microphone, spare drum sticks, plectrums, strings, leads etc.) but I also have a plethora of things to help should a random situation arise.

A multi-tool, batteries, torch, first aid kit, sewing kit, allergy tablets, pain killers, plus loads of random things.

Admittedly, a lot of these things have been added to my bag because one gig they were required and I didn’t have them, but next time someone needs a dress fixing in the dark I’m sorted!!

You’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll get asked for something random and if you can produce the allergy tablets because the bride has been stung by a bee, you’ll go down as a legend! (true story!)

10. Learn From The Experience And Grow

Learn from the experience, debrief after each booking either alone or with colleagues, how can you improve next time?

Every wedding you do will be a learning experience, try to take something from every booking.  How could you have made it go even better or smoother, what was the lowest moment (not meaning there was a low point), how could that have been made better?

After EVERY gig we look at how we can make things better, we look back at our first gig as a band and how they are now, they’re so much better because we always look at how to improve on things.

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5 Reasons Why Low Pricing Is Holding Your Wedding Business Back

5 Reasons Why Low Pricing Is Holding Your Wedding Business Back

Have you ever heard the phrase, “if something is too good to be true then….”

Of course you have, well the same logic can be applied to the price of your services.

If you put yourself in your client’s shoes, they’re shopping around for all sorts of wedding suppliers, they’re starting to realise how much services cost, and whilst it may be a surprise to them, they understand why.

Then they get a quote from a supplier who is a lot cheaper than the rest, they’ll either jump for joy at finding something so cheap, or more than likely think “why is this so cheap? It can’t be very good!”.

This is true in many aspects of life, but really does ring true in the wedding industry.

For most clients you encounter, they’re doing this once, it’s the most important day of their lives and they want to make sure it’s all absolutely perfect, so why are they going to settle for the cheapest options?

So here are our 5 reasons that low pricing will actually hold your wedding business back!

1. Clients Will Question Your Quality

No one (hardly anyone) wants the cheapest option for the most important day of their lives.

They’ll wonder why you’re half the price of your competitor and simply not be interested.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer trying to set your prices or any other wedding pro trying to decide what you will charge, be aware of what message you’re sending with extremely low pricing.

2. You May Attract The Wrong Type of Couples

In cases where people do want the cheapest option, you should ask why?

Do they not really care that much? Are they cutting corners elsewhere? Are they wanting everything for cheap?

Chances are it could be a tough gig if that’s the client’s approach.

You’ll be unlikely to get fed as that’s an extra expense for them, they’ll want you to jump through hoops, and it’s probably going to be a pretty poorly run wedding.

3. Forces You To Operate On A Low Budget

If you’re operating your services on a low fee, then you’ll have to cut corners too.

You can’t put the extra time and effort into the job and so you’ll naturally be offering a lesser quality product.

Furthermore, you’ll get annoyed when asked to do things, or not go the extra mile because it’s simply not worth your time.

4. You'll Burn Yourself Out

Naturally, if you operate on a lower fee, you’ll need to take on more gigs to make ends meet, this will only result in you burning out during peak season and resenting the business you thought you loved!

It’s an easy trap to fall into but it only hurts you and your wedding business in the long run.

5. Constantly Having To Turn Down Better Options

It’s tempting to take the booking because you want to fill the diary, but you’ll constantly find that a better offer could have been taken.

We’ve all been there, you take a wedding booking a bit further away, or for a slightly lower fee and then a day later an enquiry comes in closer to home at full price!

If you’re always taking bookings at a low fee then chances are there’s always a better option coming in, which will drive you mad for sure!

If no one is complaining about your cost, maybe you should raise it.

So the long and short of it is this. If most clients aren’t complaining about your fee then maybe it’s time to increase it?

If you’re regularly turning down work because you’re already booked, then maybe you can increase your fee as you’re clearly in demand.

Increasing your fee can be daunting, and there’s always the fear that you’ll not get booked because of it.

I’m going to write another blog on how to successfully increase your fee so make sure you keep checking back, join the group and subscribe to our mailing list in order to get all the bombs of knowledge we produce.

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How To Close Wedding Leads FAST

How To Close Wedding Leads FAST

Whether you have lots of regular wedding enquiries or just a small handful, converting them quickly is beneficial to you as a supplier but also to the client.

Most wedding clients have a long list of things to do, and whilst they want to make sure every detail is looked at (and let’s face it, sometimes unrequired details are gone over and over), they also need to get that list of jobs done before it totally consumes them.

Depending on what you provide as a supplier will affect where you are on the list of things.

If you’re a venue, band, DJ, photographer, for example, you’ll likely be near the top of the list. 

This means you’ve got a client who’s excited and eager to move forward, but you’re also likely to be competing with a high number of very professional suppliers. 

Other things such as sweet carts, photobooths, magicians, etc may be an impulse, would like to have, kind of purchase.

In both cases, securing a booking fast is essential, and spotting an opportunity to do so will benefit you massively in the long run.

Reasons Why You Should Be Keen To Convert Quickly

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should be interested in turning that enquiry into a booking as soon as possible…

Time Is Money

The longer you spend going back and forth with a client, chasing them for a decision and answering questions, the more time you have invested in gaining the business.

Is this accounted for in your costing?

Is the time you take chasing and selling to a client eating up into time that could be used for other aspects of your business?

You May Lose The Client To Another Supplier

The longer it takes to close an enquiry, the more chance the client has to find other suppliers.

Those other suppliers may be more efficient and closing an enquiry, all your hard work has been wasted as they book somewhere/someone else.

5 Tips To Convert A Wedding Enquiry FAST!

1. Get On The Phone

I’m a strong believer in communicating with a client how they wish to communicate.

They may prefer emails, messages, or phone calls and you should definitely speak to them where they feel most comfortable.

However, if you feel they’re ready to book but need that final push, ask if it’s okay to call, or ask them to call you.

Sometimes emails go back and forth and it can take an age, simply say to the client – I’m happy to have a chat on the phone and we can go over every detail if you wish – arrange a time that day and get on the phone.

2. Create Urgency

This is a key part of selling your services and should be done for every inquiry from the get-go. 

Explain that it’s a busy date, you’re busy with enquiries or you “just had someone asking about that very date”.

Letting the client know that other people want you will ensure they move quickly. 

It also reassures them that if other people want you then you must be good.

3. Create Excitement

When you speak to the client, build up an emotional reaction to how awesome the evening/day would be with you involved.

Paint a vivid picture in such a way that they begin to picture their wedding day with you and get excited.

4. Offer A Discount

Shock, horror, gasp – so many suppliers may not agree with this, and I’m not saying you should discount all the time. 

However, if an enquiry suits you and you feel that a slight discount may help, offer it.

If you save time then you’re saving money so it may be beneficial in the long run.

Make sure you explain that the discount is only valid if booked today/this week.

Offering a discount and then still going through a long enquiry process isn’t fair.

5. Don’t Hold Dates

It’s first come first served.

If a client asks you to hold a date, try to avoid doing so, if they want you they must book you.

Of course, this isn’t always possible or helpful for the client, so put a deadline on a held date.  1 week maybe?

Explain to the client that you’ll pencil it in but if someone else enquires you will let them know and they’ll need to act fast.

Bonus Tip!

Set yourself goals, get excited, and get booking.

If you see an enquiry come in, tell yourself “I’m going to convert this one in a day/week” do all you can to prove yourself right.

The idea of urgency for yourself will pass on to the client that it’s important to act fast.

It’s first come first served.

If a client asks you to hold a date, try to avoid doing so, if they want you they must book you.

Of course, this isn’t always possible or helpful for the client, so put a deadline on a held date.  1 week maybe?

Explain to the client that you’ll pencil it in but if someone else enquires you will let them know and they’ll need to act fast.

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