How To Name Your Wedding Business (Ideas & Things To Consider)

Deciding on the perfect wedding business name is difficult.

The thing we as wedding industry professionals have to consider is the online landscape, and how our potential wedding company names may perform because of this.

The internet has changed the game when it comes to wedding business name ideas.

Before we get into the finer details, it is crucial that you understand this.

Your ideal couples and clients have to be able to find your business easily online. If your wedding business name prevents this in any way, you should consider an alternative.

Whether you’re a wedding planning business, a wedding venue, an event planning business, a wedding photographer, or any other wedding company, there are some things you should look out for before you finalize your wedding business name.

What Makes A Good Wedding Business Name in 2022?

When coming up with wedding business name ideas, they should satisfy the following criteria at least:

  • Easy to spell

  • Easy to find online

  • Not already in use

  • Easy to pronounce

  • Has domain availability (preferably .com)

  • Has social media name availability

We’ll get into style and branding later but, notice how these criteria are about thinking longer term than just having a catchy business name for your wedding company?

Future proof your wedding business’s online presence and marketing by choosing a wedding company name that people can find easily online.

Here are some extra tips on coming up with that perfect name for your wedding business.

1. Don’t Use a Wedding Business Name Generator

I’m sure you could find some isolated examples of when these wedding business name generator sites have struck gold but more often than not, it’s a wasted exercise.

You can go round in circles forever relying on the random nature of AI to do your hard work for you.

And let’s be honest, it’s not that satisfying as a creative wedding professional to have found a business name you’re supposed to be proud of by pressing a button on a name generator website.

There are more strategic ways of coming up with wedding business names that work.

wedding planning business

2. What Is Your Brand Voice?

Before brainstorming potential wedding business name ideas or loading up the dreaded wedding business name generator, you need to work on your overall brand goals before you decide on a brand name.

  • What sets you apart from others?

  • What visuals will you use? (colour palette, fonts, logos)

  • What types of weddings or couples are your ideal clients? (luxury, DIY, outdoors, alternative…)

Whether you’re a wedding planner or a wedding venue, understanding this side of your business is essential if you’re going to pick the perfect wedding business name.

For example, working in luxury-style weddings will inform the types of words, phrases, and visual elements across your whole company.

This is also where you can start looking at competitors and the typical name structure for your niche.

Here are some suggestions and more things to consider when coming up with wedding company names.

3. What Type Of Wedding Business Are You?

As mentioned above, different kinds of suppliers have different naming conventions.

For wedding photographers, it’s more common to have your own name followed by ‘photography’, rather than a company name.

This makes sense for suppliers where the couple is booking a singular person. As a wedding photographer, you are your own brand.

Of course, you could have a specific brand name such as ‘Picture Perfect’, but it makes it more difficult for the couple to connect on an emotional and personal level this way. If you are a team of photographers though, naming your business this way may make sense.

If your name is Natalie Overwood and is available, don’t overthink it. Just grab the domain and run with it!

For a wedding planner business, it can depend on a number of things.

Popular naming conventions for wedding planners include:

  • ‘Your Name’

  • Weddings By ‘Your Name’

  • ‘Your Name’ Weddings

  • ‘Your Name’ Events

  • The ‘Location’ Wedding Planner

  • ‘Brand Name’

Each of these wedding planner name ideas has its pros and cons.

The ‘Location’ Wedding Planner may have SEO benefits as the domain name could have a good chance of ranking for local searches.

However, our vote goes to Weddings By ‘Your Name’ or ‘Your Name’ Weddings.

This way, you are still including ‘weddings’ in your domain and social handles (good for SEO), whilst retaining that personal touch with your own name.

When it comes to wedding decor companies and wedding venues, you are more likely to see branded style names, which require a little more thought.

For wedding decor companies, you will often see words like ‘weddings’, ‘events’, ‘occassions’, ‘hire’, and more attached to the end of something branded.

For wedding venues, you will often see the type of wedding venue ‘barn’, ‘castle’, ‘hall’, ‘hotel’, and more attached to the end of something branded (or the location).

When coming up with the brand side of things, this is where you can consult your brand voice ideas. A rustic wedding barn/farm venue may go for something like:

  • Oakwood Barns

  • The Pepper Farm

  • Harvest Barns

Whereas a luxury manor or palace wedding venue may choose names like:

  • The Grand Manor

  • Magnolia Palace

  • Sapphire Manor

As always, perform competitive research and understand the naming process for your niche.

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4. Make A List Of Words That Fit Your Brand

This is where you can make a list of words and adjectives that fit your wedding brand.

Note down as many as possible.

For example, when naming WedHustle, we knew we wanted something that demonstrates the idea of working hard. Doing what it takes to succeed. Cutting through the noise. So our list was full of words that fit in with brand identity.

Now start combining your list of words and seeing what combinations you can come up with.

Then add your qualifier if appropriate (weddings, events, etc) to come up with your wedding business name.

We’ll do this exercise now. Let’s pretend we’re a luxury wedding decor hire business.

Here is our brain dump of words that fit that brand.

  • Luxe

  • Crescent

  • Sapphire

  • Serenity

  • Infinity

  • Aurora

  • Enchanted

Start mashing some of these together and trying them out with qualifier wedding words. Let’s can see what we can come up with for a wedding business name on the spot…

  • Luxe Wedding Hire

  • Sapphire Weddings

  • Crescent Events

  • Enchanted Weddings

  • Luxe Serenity Events

  • Infinity Sapphire Weddings

The list goes on.

Can you see how we are now creating unique wedding business names that are also brand and internet-friendly?

Try it out for yourself!

wedding venue

5. See If Your Name Is Already Taken

Do not skip this stage!

Before settling on a wedding business name, creating social media accounts, and announcing to the world, “We are Joyous Day Weddings!”, please see if it’s taken first.

It’s simple really. If another wedding business is active and using this name, move on. You cannot use it, so consult your list again.

What are you supposed to do if your chosen wedding business name isn’t conflicting with another wedding business, but an actual thing out there in the world?

If it’s simply a ‘thing’, you want to check – is your wedding business going to get lost in the noise of the internet?

You might think ‘Oasis’ is the perfect name for your luxury wedding planning business. But without the qualifer of ‘weddings’ or ‘events’ after this, you’re going to be going up against the actual band Oasis, or even the popular soft drink!

This is another reason why including ‘weddings’ or similar in your name can help you futureproof your branding.

6. Make It Easy To Spell and Pronounce

Some wedding businesses really shoot themselves in the foot with this one.

Think ahead to the times when you’re at weddings and you are trying to promote your business by telling people who you are.

Your quirky and original name might have seemed fun at the time, but if you have to overexplain it to every person you talk to, you might have a problem.

You don’t have to be so cryptic and overly clever. At the end of the day, the best wedding business names are the ones that are simple and effective.

Yes, you might want to use weird symbols, spellings, and other things, but if it hurts any potential of someone being able to simply hear your wedding business name and find you online instantly, don’t do it.

7. Secure The .com Domain Name

So you want a domain that people can remember, is easy to type and can help you get found on search engines.

One of the biggest SEO mistakes wedding professionals make is with their domain names.

They are sometimes too long, have special characters and simply aren’t SEO friendly.

Another thing to consider is whether you should have .com or not.

As a wedding professional, you should try to secure the ‘.com’ domain name for your wedding business rather than alternatives such as .net, .org, .biz, and more.

There are many reasons for this but think about the trust factor. From the very first impression, couples tend to associate .com with more trustworthy and established businesses.

Wedding Business Names

As you’ve likely gathered, one of the most important elements in all of this is future-proofing your online presence with your chosen wedding business name.

Whatever role you take in the wedding industry, marketing yourself online is going to be a crucial part of gaining wedding leads and growing your wedding business.

For a wedding company, SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways of generating organic leads, and naming your wedding business badly can cost you in the long run.

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