How To Stop Getting Ghosted by Wedding Enquiries

Are you getting lots of enquiries but finding that more than half aren’t coming back to your quotes.  Are you sick of getting ghosted?

It’s normal to have some wedding enquiries not respond to quotes.  The reality is that couples planning weddings are busy, they’re making lots of enquiries and they can’t respond to everyone.  However, a few simple changes to your quote template will result in a higher response rate.

We all want to have a conversation with a potential client, via email, message or phone, so we need them to respond in order for this to happen.  If you’re finding that you’re being ghosted more than not, then you need to make some changes.

Why Aren't Potential Clients Responding??

There’s a few genuine reasons why people may not respond, don’t take it personally..

Over Budget

It could be a simple case of you being WAY over budget for the client.  This doesn’t mean you’re too expensive, it is simply down to the fact that they had no idea what a service like yours normally costs.

If they were expecting you to take photographs all day for less than £200 then it’s unlikely that any conversation would convert them

Their First Choice is Available

There’s every chance they booked someone else.

Don’t be offended, but think about why you weren’t their first choice?  Again, a conversation would be nice to discover this, but if you’re consistently losing out to other suppliers, why is this?

However, all is not lost.  Following these few simple tips will increase the response rate you get and hopefully allow you to sell yourself, or the very least have more conversations and find out why you’re not getting booked.

3 Surefire Tips to Stop the Ghosting!

1. Be Friendly and Personal

Let your personality shine when you respond to an enquiry.

From the moment you respond, you need to make sure that you’re friendly, approachable and seem like the kind of person that the enquirer wants at their wedding.  Don’t forget that they’re not only booking your service, but also for you to work with them for the most important day of their life.  First impressions count, and if they don’t like you from the get go then they are unlikely to go any further.

Be friendly congratulating them, showing off your personality and not just getting straight to business.  There’s no reason why your quote can’t have a line that states why you’re more than just a photographer/band/caterer/celebrant/magician….whatever it may be.

2. Make Them Imagine Their Day With You

This is one of my favourite methods to ensure that you get a client asking questions and talking about their day with you.  Paint a picture and get them excited!

Be descriptive about every aspect of the day, not just the key moments, every little detail.  Explain how discreet you’ll be when setting up, or how you’ll get great shots at moments people don’t expect.  What makes you different to the norm.

Don’t forget that many wedding enquirers haven’t done this before, they have no idea about various aspects of the day and if you call those moments out and how you’ll make it special, they’ll be interested to know more.

Make the hairs on the back of their neck stand up! Describe your most exciting moments and really get into the detail about why it’s such a special part of the day.  If you’re getting them excited but other suppliers aren’t, they’re more likely to respond to you.

3. Ask Questions

When planning a wedding, couples are really excited.  They want to talk about their day more than anything.  So let them talk to you!

The chances are they’ve got loads to tell you, if you invite them too.  Ask questions that will create a response, this will encourage them to reply to you just to have a chat.  This in turn gives you more chance to show your personality off.

However, it gets even better.  If you have questions that will create further conversation, you’re almost guaranteed to get into an exchange of messages or emails with the client and this is a massive way to build up trust.

* BONUS TIP - The Pot of Trust*

This is really simple but really effective.  The reason we ask questions and build up conversation is to fill the pot of trust.

You want your client to come to you with anything, and they’ll do that if they trust you.  If they trust you they’ll book you over anyone else.

Each time you message your potential client, and they respond, you fill the pot of trust just a little bit more.  Keep doing this until its full and they’re more likely to book you..Simple!

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