Best Instagram Bio Ideas For Wedding Businesses (Examples & Tips)

Instagram is still a powerhouse of a social media platform for any wedding industry professional.

Whether you’re a wedding planner, a wedding photographer, a venue, a makeup artist, or any other wedding pro, having a great Instagram bio is crucial if you are looking to take your social media strategy seriously.

Your Instagram bio is the first impression of your brand to potential clients and is home to key information about your wedding business.

Before we look at some examples and ideas that wedding professionals like you can use as inspiration for your own bio, let’s take a look at some of the more important elements of a good Instagram bio.

  • Clarity in exactly who you are/what you do

  • Your brand voice/personality

  • Your location

  • A strong call to action

  • A link to drive action

  • Relevant keywords

Your Instagram bio should aim to accomplish a number of different things. And it definitely shouldn’t be an afterthought when filling out your profile.

Wedding pros are often missing out on potential clients, conversions, followers, and more with a poorly written bio on their Instagram profile.

To best explain this, we’ve gathered a few Instagram bios from various wedding professionals in the industry to give you some ideas.

1. The Hustle

We thought it would make sense to begin with an Instagram bio of our own. If you didn’t already know, we are wedding pros too with our band, The Hustle.

Our Instagram bio is designed to focus on a couple of things in particular.

Mostly clarity and conversions.

wedding band instagram

In 3 lines we clearly state what we do, the locations we cover, and exactly what a potential client should do if they wish to book for their wedding.

This clarity is important so people know they are in the right place.

We also know that having a strong call to action that drives conversions with a custom link to direct people to the right place is how you can get the most out of your Instagram bio.

2. Stephanie Butt Photography

We’ve worked with talented photographer Steph on a wedding before and one look at her Instagram bio gives you a real insight into who she is and what she stands for.

The colour schemes and emoji choices are consistent with her couple persona and is a great example of how to inject bags of personality into your Instagram bio!

wedding photography instagram bio

Her chosen 3 words to sum up her photography are ‘creative, fun, relaxed’. This is perfect for potential clients to get taste of what their special day will be like with Steph.

Notice the emphasis also that Steph puts on her own interests and quirks. This helps anyone on the search for their wedding photographer feel like they are already friends with Steph the moment they arrive on her profile!

Another thing to note is her custom URL. She’s very cleverly created an Instagram-specific URL on her own website so the whole experience is seamless.

3. SJM Beauty

When creating an Instagram bio for your wedding business, it’s up to you what part of your branding or business you choose to lean into.

One of our favourite things about this example is the emphasis on rewards and accolades.

make up artist instagram bio

Announcing that they are ‘West Midlands Make-Up Artist of the Year 2022’ is amazing proofing and confidence building, as well as the profile picture including the reward!

If you are looking to stand out in the wedding industry and on Instagram, definitely consider shouting about any awards that you have won.

4. Emma Jordan Wedding Planner

For a wedding planner or anyone providing wedding planning services, couples will absolutely be searching for their wedding inspiration and dream event planner on Instagram.

Getting your bio right like Emma has done here is extremely important.

wedding planner instagram bio

She clearly outlines which couples she is targeting so they’ll know instantly if they are in or out of their comfort zone.

Again, the social proofing of mentioning that she is a recommended supplier of Rock My Wedding is a super touch. This helps any potential followers feel comfortable that this is a trusted supplier that can help them create a special wedding day in their own style.

5. Pocket & Posy

One of the bigger mistakes that wedding suppliers make in their Instagram bios is trying to market to every type of couple.

Pocket & Posy’s Instagram profile is a great example of clarity in your message and audience.

wedding florist instagram bio

The first line in her Instagram bio follows the invulnerable formula of:

  • What

  • Who

  • Where

It’s clear and impossible to confuse what she does, exactly who it’s for, and what area she is based in. If you’re unsure of where to start with your own wedding supplier Instagram bio, you can’t go wrong following this formula.

6. Lex Fleming Photo

You’ll have noticed a trend with the use of emojis in Instagram bios.

It’s important to use these (and use them correctly) as a way of standing out and making your profile more visually appealing.

instagram bio tips for wedding pros

Lex has done a brilliant job here with both her use of words and emojis!

Branding yourself as a self-described ‘Profesh party crasher’ is a brilliant way of getting across your personality in a short amount of words.

We also think it’s great fun how she details her personality and favourite things as a list of emojis instead of a clunky sentence! This an awesome idea for wedding pros to use.

7. Nunsmere Hall

When it comes to wedding venues on Instagram, there are a number of ways to include important details and relevant keywords in your Instagram bio.

A strong call to action is important as any wedding planner, photographer, band, florist and wedding community will be consistently tagging you in their content, allowing for awesome visibility.

wedding venue instagram bio

Nunsmere hall does a couple of things well here.

Firstly, having a custom bio link that is mobile-friendly for anyone using the app is imperative to actually drive conversions from Instagram.

Linktree and Beacons are great ‘link in bio’, tools that you can use, but there are many to choose from.

Also, including a custom Instagram hashtag for wedding professionals and encouraging followers to use it is a brilliant way of getting your audience to influence your growth!

Helping fellow wedding pros level up and book more weddings.

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